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Flatbread or Chapati French ‘toast’

Half term holidays mean easy mornings, some lie ins and time for a proper breakfast. The last couple of months have been hectic with the little man saying good bye to his nursery and hello to proper school. New timings and the … Continue reading

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A labour of love and Preserved Lemons

A few weeks ago I attended my first block printing class and had the most awesome day. Deep in the heart of Surrey, Tobias and the Angel run these classes for creative, artistic minds as well as complete luddites like me. It … Continue reading

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Courgette and red pepper bites

Cleaning out the fridge, last weekend, produced an odd assortment of veggies. There weren’t enough for one proper recipe but that got me thinking – what could I make if I threw them all in together. Here’s what they turned … Continue reading

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Z is for Za’atar spiced pita chips

Love pita chips? Make your own! Add some zing with za’atar, a Middle Eastern spice mix. Can’t find Za’atar easily? Make your own with this easy recipe. These baked pita chips are one example of where you can use store bought … Continue reading

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V is for Vataane Pattice (Green Peas and Potato Patties)

Green peas are known as vataane in Marathi or as matar in Hindi. I love peas in all forms but this is one of my favourites. You bite into the potato casing and experience a burst of flavours – peas, cumin, coconut, ginger, … Continue reading

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S is for oven roasted Squash

I’ve recreated this from a recipe I used to enjoy as a child – crispy fried red pumpkin slices. The squash mimics the sweetness of the pumpkin and oven baking it makes it crisp like the fried version I remember. … Continue reading

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Q is for Quesadilla Quarters

This recipe has been born out of a plain and simple need to lay out something filling and nutritious when you have a finger food menu, or when you need to contribute to a potluck and need to make a fair number … Continue reading

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P is for Paprika and Roasted Cumin Cheddar Stars

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Loads of stars are about to peep out of my oven, so I’ve got my list of wishes ready and waiting. Have you wished upon a star before? What wishes do you want your stars to bring you?   INGREDIENTS: … Continue reading

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K is for Kathi rolls, my way

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Kathi rolls, for the uninitiated, originally referred to kebabs wrapped in a roti or paratha. (Indian flat breads). Similar in concept to a burrito. Over the years, the term Kathi roll has come to represent meat or veggies wrapped in … Continue reading

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Kathi Roll Stuffing

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It doesn’t really matter what you choose to put into your Kathi Roll. It’s a bit like choosing sandwich fillings. Just go with whatever you fancy. If you want anchovies and jam …go for it. It might find a place … Continue reading

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E is for Eggplant Raita

In Maharashtra, where I come from, this is called Vaangyache bhareet. A cooling and tummy friendly raita, despite what the ingredients may suggest – it is perfect for the summer months ahead. If it makes things easier, think of it … Continue reading

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Cauliflower Tikkis or Croquettes

Crisp and spicy cauliflower bites with an Indian twist. Very moreish. Perfect with cocktails or as a side to liven up dinner. This is a delectable but tempered down, toddler friendly version. You can jazz them up with cheese, bacon … Continue reading

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Dum Aloo Triangles

Dum aloo triangles are a spicy twist on the classic samosas. Quicker than samosas and baked, not fried. I think this recipe will definitely make it to my party appetizer list. What you need: 1 pack of Puff pastry (approx. … Continue reading

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Stuffed Aubergines

Stuffed aubergines, bharwan baingan or as we say in Marathi,  ‘bharleli vaangi’ are delicious whichever name you choose. My aubergine averse better half is now a convert, thanks to this recipe. I may be a weekend baker but the rest … Continue reading

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Paneer filo pastry pie

It’s been far too hot to cook proper Indian food..but the weather has been perfect for experimenting. Here’s the result – a paneer filo pastry pie! Sundays are usually perfect for Indian meals given the time they need in the … Continue reading

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