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So many cookies, so little time! :)

Gingerbread men

When the weather is this wet and cold, I don’t need an excuse to fire up the oven. So when the little man asked if we could make gingerbread men as our Sunday activity, he didn’t really need to sell … Continue reading

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X is for Xmas cookies, Greek style

These Xmas cookies, known as Melomakarona, are to a traditional Greek Christmas what Christmas pudding is to an English Christmas. We were first introduced to them a few Christmases ago by our Greek friends (but of course). I can’t believe I have waited these many years to … Continue reading

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T is for Tortas

It was love at first bite when we were first introduced to these beauties by a close friend of ours.  We are now indebted to him for life. If you are ever in Spain, look out for the Ines Rosales tortas and … Continue reading

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P is for Paprika and Roasted Cumin Cheddar Stars

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Loads of stars are about to peep out of my oven, so I’ve got my list of wishes ready and waiting. Have you wished upon a star before? What wishes do you want your stars to bring you?   INGREDIENTS: … Continue reading

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O is for Orange and oat cookies

Citrus, oats and almonds come together beautifully to make these chewy and flavourful cookies. Perfect to munch on when you want to ponder life or simply natter with some friends at a picnic. The original recipe is from Kathleen King’s … Continue reading

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L is for Leave alone cookies

Yes, it’s true. These cookies practically make themselves – with a little help from their friends. You may also know them as meringues. Tiny, sweet morsels of delight that melt away on your tongue and make you wonder whether you actually … Continue reading

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J is for Jammie Dodgers, with a twist

If you like PB&J sandwiches, this cookie is right up your street. That’s right, these are Peanut Butter Jammie Dodgers. An American slant on a very British cookie! Ingredients: 1 quantity Basic Vanilla Cookie dough 2 tablespoons smooth Peanut butter 2 … Continue reading

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I is for Ice Cream Cup cookies

I have never really liked ice cream cones. I eat way too slowly and by the time I am half way through my cone is dripping a sticky mess onto my toes. I have often wondered why ice creams aren’t served … Continue reading

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Basic Vanilla Sugar Cookies

I have been on the look out for those perfect cookies that retain their shape while baking. I have tried many many recipes and while most of them tasted great I wasn’t really happy until I found this one. I … Continue reading

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H is for Hazelnut and Orange Sablés

The size of these Hazelnut and Orange sablés make them perfect for sharing around the table at tea time. Cut them into dainty wedges or break them up with your fingers and lick every last crumb! This is adapted from a Martha Stewart … Continue reading

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Healthy Nankhatai

In my search for healthy nankhatai that I could share with our toddler, I stumbled across a recipe by IndianSimmer. I played around with the ingredients ever so slightly. The result was light, crumbly and absolutely delicious cookies. The original recipe … Continue reading

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Pistachio-Cranberry Cookies

I came across these Pistachio-Cranberry Jewels while searching for cookies in Christmas colours. If there ever was a Desert Island Cookie List, this would certainly feature in it. Thank you, Maggie Ruggiero! The original recipe on the site can … Continue reading

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A birthday without cake and champagne?

So it begins with knowing that the husband is a teetotaller who is off desserts for a year. But the question remained – how does one celebrate a significant birthday without cake or champagne? The answer is by cheating, ever … Continue reading

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Fancy nibbling on Elephant Ears?

Elephant Ears! Yep, that’s what they are called in our neighbourhood cafe. I have known them as Palmiers, if that rings any bells. Both names describe these cookies well but Elephant Ears makes them sound so much more interesting. What … Continue reading

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Say Cheese!

I am always on the lookout for recipes that are simple and quick. And as summer steps in, the kitchen is the last place I want to sweat it out in. Recently, while trawling through a House Beautiful newsletter, I … Continue reading

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