Peppa Pig party games

If you’ve been following my Peppa Pig Party theme, you’ve probably wondered about the games: Playing musical muddy puddles, Passing Mr. ‘Dine-saw’, Sleeping Piggies

Armed with ideas from Pinterest and some of our imagination, this is what we came up with. They are simpler than you think.

Musical muddy puddles

Musical muddy puddles

1. Musical Muddy Puddles

As you’ve probably guessed, this is a variation of musical chairs. Each child was given a paper ‘muddy puddle’. While they ran around as the music played, I sneaked away one of the ‘puddles’. When the music stopped, each child had to bag a puddle. The one left without a puddle was ‘out’ (and became my assistant to sneak away the next puddle). So it went on until we had a winner.

2. Passing Mr. Dine-saw

Again, a variation of the classic ‘passing the parcel’. The kids passed a green dinosaur around as the music played. When the music stopped, the child holding the dinosaur chose a gift out of a bag and was ‘out’ of the game. (The gifts kept them busy as the game continued.)

3. Sleeping Piggies

A variation of Musical Statues, this one kept them busy while the food was being laid out. It also helped calm them down from the hectic activity so that they would be happy to sit down and enjoy the snacks.

Basically, the kids wiggle to the music and oink like Peppa Pig.  When the music stops, they all flop down and pretend to be ‘sleeping piggies’. The first one to move or open their eyes is out. (It’s easy to get a few them of out at a time, if you’re keen to move them on to the table.)

The ‘oinking’ went down quite well, I must say. We even had the parents joining in, under the guise of coaching their little ones. 🙂

We don’t need excuses to have fun, do we now?

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