The A-Z Challenge rolls on : Week 2

Week 1 of the A-Z challenge has been fun – the motto being work hard, play harder. Fun discoveries, new and interesting blogs, some great camaraderie and many new friends.

So, it’s now time to prep for Week 2. And for those of you who are wondering what’s in store here’s the playlist for week 2.

Week 02:  April 07 – 12, 2014 (F-K)

F is for Figs, oven roasted with honey and cardamom

G is for Granola, crunchy and zesty

H is for Hazelnut and Orange Sablés

I is for Ice Cream Cup Cookies  (This has been my experiment of the week!)

J is for Jammie Dodgers (with a twist)

K is for Kathi Rolls, my style

Stay tuned!

My fellow participants, friendly visitors to the blog, family and friends – your comments and feedback make the ride worth it. Thank you!!

If you’d like to see what the other 394 participants of this challenge are up to, click here:  


About The Weekend Baker

Weekend baker, cook book collector, gatherer of family recipes.
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10 Responses to The A-Z Challenge rolls on : Week 2

  1. djinnia says:

    sounds so good! can’t wait for monday!

  2. Cheryl says:

    Cool theme! I love it.

  3. Eli says:

    Ouuuu – bring them on! I can tell this will be a great week:-) Looking forward to those recipes:-)

  4. Vidya Sury says:

    I’d better come over with a full tummy 😀 Or i’ll drool all over the keyboard. Errgh!

    Looking forward to following you for a long long time! 🙂

    Vidya Sury
    Rocking the A to Z Challenge with Team Damyanti

  5. Sounds like this week is going to be just as mouthwatering as last week. Going to check some of the posts now.

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