A birthday without cake and champagne?

So it begins with knowing that the husband is a teetotaller who is off desserts for a year. But the question remained – how does one celebrate a significant birthday without cake or champagne? The answer is by cheating, ever so slightly. Cookies don’t count as desserts, technically speaking. So instead of cutting the traditional cake, he would just have to bite into a cookie stack.

And champagne? Take a peek at the pics that follow to solve that mystery!

Lemon curd cookies, my eternal favourites would have done nicely except that the birthday boy prefers orange curd. So a quick and minor adaptation of the recipe was required. Swap the orange curd for the lemon and voila!

The recipe below works well with both orange and lemon curd cookies. Truth be told, I prefer the lemon cookies with the orange curd combination. Oranges and lemons – a zingy way to usher in spring!

So anyway, after my rambling, on to the recipe I used – Lemon Thumbprint Cookies.

I think I found this through delish.com although the recipe provides a link to

More interesting ones where this came from.

Really quick and simple and it makes about 4 doz of them! But you’d be surprised at how quickly 48 of these melt-in-your-mouth bites can disappear.

These cookies are so good, I’d like to raise a champagne candle to more birthdays without cake!


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Weekend baker, cook book collector, gatherer of family recipes.
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