Little Weekend Bakers: Of chocolate sprinkles and sparkly bits

The niece and nephew came visiting. As usual, cake won over broccoli on the menu. I must add that these kids are pretty consistent in their food preferences.

The nephew’s 5th birthday was a few days away and the occasion demanded a cake. The kids were keen to pitch in and I discovered that two extra pairs of little mitts can add so much fun to making a simple cake.

First, there was much discussion on what cake they could help make. It had to be very sweet with lots of icing – that was the little nephew. Then the niece chipped in, in typical style to add lots of sparkly bits and pink. Serves me right for taking them shopping. Here’s what we got back with.

All that shopping having taken up most of the day, the decision was to go for a basic Victoria sponge. Cosmetic enhancement could come later.
So, a basic sponge cake was made (I used the Hummingbird bakery recipe for vanilla cupcakes), split in half and liberally doused with raspberry jam. Need I add that little t-shirts and little mouths mopped up the leftover crumbs and jam.

Then came the exciting part of icing the cake and make it match the exacting standards set earlier.
(A useful tip- forget fancy icing when you have kids helping! )
Lots of icing was generously spread and smoothed over to make place for – you guessed it – the sprinkles!

Here’s the tidied up version of the cake. Don’t miss the matching birthday candle!

Oh and I didn’t need any containers to store the cake. : )

This makes just enough for 5-6 servings when you have bellies hungry for cake.


About The Weekend Baker

Weekend baker, cook book collector, gatherer of family recipes.
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